Monday, August 15, 2011

EXCELSIOR: Ever Higher - Official Trailer


Jonathan said...

Looks really good, ladies and gents! I like the premise you've got going.

Quick question: if I gave you the domain name '', and linked it to your blogspot site, would you have use for it?

Jonathan Potter

Jonathan said...

Jonathan P,

Yes, we would definitely be interested! We can communicate with the email address, bartlett(at)srt(dot)com. Thanks for offering!

Jonathan Bartlett

Benjamin Dawson said...

Looks good! Nice color work.

Aubrey Hansen said...

There's some neat shots in there! Looking forward to the final production. :) Great job!

Patrick said...

Looks great!

Andrew B. said...

Say, could you upload a HD version of the trailer? This one looks good, but HD would be GREAT! :-)
Andrew B

Andrew said...

@ Benjamin,the trailer wouldn't look half as good without the music. It adds A LOT!

@ Andrew B, I don't have an HD version, because we filmed Excelsior in SD. We didn't really have a good enough computer to handle HD video editing.

Andrew Bartlett

Dan S. said...

Exciting! Can't wait to see it!